To be clear, you don’t need to hire a professionally qualified bathroom designer to plan your bathroom. But good bathroom design is a seriously complicated affair, and engaging a properly trained bathroom designer will ensure you receive a stunning, expertly finished bathroom, and that every practical issue has been completely considered and accounted for. In many circumstances, engaging a bathroom designer will pay for itself in terms of the value it adds to your home, and potentially eliminating the need for additional alterations further down the track.

Considering bathroom designs for a new project can be an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful one, too – you need an experienced bathroom renovator in your corner, who can give you expert advice and bathroom design tips, essential to create a truly stunning bathroom renovation. A really well put together bathroom design is one that balances a long list of important practical considerations against aesthetic choices.

When designing your new bathroom, fully consider:

  • Cohesive visual style or theme 
  • Layout and accessibility
  • Safety and slip prevention
  • Material and product choices
  • Storage options
  • Ergonomics
  • Appropriate lighting 
  • Plumbing and electrical requirements and limitations 
  • Adaptability for special needs (perhaps in the future) 
  • Privacy 
  • Energy and water efficiency 
  • Practicalities of the design to be executed by tradespeople and other specialists

If you’re a committed DIYer, there are any number of online sites giving a do-it-yourself bathroom design function. But, if you’re a beginner, we don’t recommend them. Any slight miscalculation could work out to be quite costly. Total Care Bathroom Renovations can put you in touch with skilled designers who can draw up a bathroom design to make the absolute best use of your space, using fittings and hardware to complement your vision, taste and budget. Contact us for further information.

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