• Framing new walls
  • Swapping windows for doors
  • Establishing a new platform for cabinets, baths or other fittings.

Our skilled tradies are expert in domestic carpentry and will quickly assemble the framework to support your new bathroom using the latest techniques and tools.

Our rough carpenters are generally the first of our construction teams on site once the strip out is completed, as the framework must be completed before other external and internal work on a project can commence. The job of a finish carpenter includes measuring, cutting, and installing elements of a renovation project that the owner will see on completion.

These can include trim, and custom cabinets. We rely on the knowledge and experience of a good finish carpenter because even the slightest discrepancy in the trim and other areas will be noticeable. Sometimes our carpenter will perform both rough and finish carpentry in the same project.

This can be more convenient for him because if a separate rough carpenter doesn’t install the walls or flooring perfectly, he will have a hard time making up for those mistakes while installing the trim. By doing both jobs, he ensures that all carpentry is measured and cut properly.


Once the carpentry is complete our plasterers:

  • Apply and fix plasterboard partitions
  • Apply decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement and similar materials
  • Determine plasterboard layout
  • Install insulation and vapour barriers
  • Secure plaster panels to walls, ceilings and battens
  • Prepare corner beads and secure them in position, fixing pre-cast cornices, panel mouldings, ceiling centres and other plaster fittings while plumbing and straightening corners, angles and wall and ceiling surfaces.

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