Waterproofing is the unsung hero of a bathroom renovation project, and if not completed properly will ensure the entire renovation deteriorates rapidly.

Of all the rooms in your house, you will need the bathroom to be the most waterproof.

Waterproofing is one of the first steps to take place when a bathroom is being built. It involves installing a waterproof barrier around the walls and floor in your bathroom to protect the structure of the house from the moisture. Waterproofing is very black and white; your bathroom is either waterproof, or it’s not.

This is why you really do need an expert like Total Care Bathroom Renovations. Waterproofing is best done in stages.

Some of it will need to go down before the floors and walls are fully laid, some of it will need to go down after everything is in place, including the paint. Perhaps most important areas are where the walls meet the floor. Any gaps where water can seep in can cause major structural damage, which is hugely expensive to repair. Liquid sealants are normally applied in a similar fashion to paint.

A primer is used first, then a first coat is applied from left to right (horizontally). The subsequent coat is then applied up and down (i.e. vertically), in order to catch any small holes missed in the first coat. Silicon sealants are around the points where bathroom features such as the bath and vanity unit meet the walls, to ensure water doesn’t get behind them.

Waterproofing products usually need about a day to dry, so as to ensure that they create a proper seal – and they shouldn’t be disturbed at all while they’re curing.

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